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Contacts for Supporting Student Success

Many times, parents, family members, and guardians of Marian University students are the first people our students approach for guidance, support, and help.

The links on this page will provide you with more information about campus resources, and the person to contact, to ensure your student gets answers and assistance when needed.

We look forward to serving you!

Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE)

The Center for Academic Success and Engagement is where Student Affairs and Academic Affairs meet to provide students with resources and services for success.

  • Jennifer Plumlee
    Jennifer Plumlee
    Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Engagement     
    (317) 955-6376
    Clare Hall, First Floor

Academic Advising (visit academic advising)

Assistance with major exploration, academic policies and procedures, and four year academic plans.
Location: Clare Hall, First Floor

  • BethTidball
    Beth Tidball
    Director of Academic Advising
    (317) 955-6577
    Clare Hall, Room 110

First-Year Experience (visit first-year experience)

Assistance with transitioning from high school to college. Students take advantage of activities that connect them with their peers and faculty outside of the classroom as well the greater Indianapolis community.  
Location: Clare Hall, First Floor

  • Tyler Paul
    Tyler Paul
    Director of First Year Experience
    (317) 955-6354
    Clare Hall, First Floor

Library (visit library)

Assistance with research assistance, articles/databases, individual/group study space
Location: Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library

  • caitlin balgeman
    Caitlin Balgeman
    Electronic Resource Management Librarian
    (317) 955-6393
    Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library - Indianapolis
  • Cassaundra Bash
    Cassaundra Bash
    Library Manager
    (574) 936-8898 ex 323
    Gerald Ball Library - Marian University's Ancilla College
  • chris bishop
    Christopher Bishop
    Health Sciences Librarian
    (317) 955-6584
    Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library - Indianapolis
  • Blake Ide
    Blake Ide, M.Ed
    Instructional Technologist
    (317) 399-4728
    Hackelmeier Memorial Library, 1st Floor
    Schedule a Meeting
  • Michael Lockett
    Michael Lockett
    Lead Instructional Technologist
    (317) 955-6758
    Hackelmeier Memorial Library, 1st Floor
    Schedule a Meeting
  • Greg Lutz
    Greg Lutz
    Health Professions Librarian
    (547) 936-8898
    Gerald Ball Library - Marian University's Ancilla College
  • edward mandity
    Edward Mandity
    Assistant Director, Information and Instructional Technology Librarian
    (317) 955-6007
    Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library - Indianapolis
  • Headshort placeholder
    Shelby Riley
    Project Archivist
    (317) 955-6531
    Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library - Indianapolis
  • jessica trinoskey
    Jessica Trinoskey
    Director of University Library Services
    (317) 955-6730
    Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library - Indianapolis

Academic Engagement and Peer Tutoring Center

Assistance with academic resources. The office provides free resources and services to promote academic success. Services include: peer tutoring, supplemental instruction, success coaching, and success seminars.
Location: Clare Hall 111A

Academic Success Coaching (visit success coaching)

We will help you develop action plans and identify proactive steps you can take to achieve academic success.

Registrar’s Office (visit registrar's office)

Assistance with registration, change of major, change of advisor, course drop/add, transfer credit, certification for VA benefits, official transcripts, degree audits, graduation clearance
Location: Marian Hall, first floor

  • Maryann Bonner
    Maryann Bonner
    Associate Registrar, non-traditional program
    (317) 955-6053
  • Samantha Eble
    Samantha Eble
    Assistant Registrar, traditional programs
    (317) 955-6239
  • Madi Jones
    Madi Jones
    Office and Schedule Coordinator
    (317) 955-6223
  • Mariah Mueller
    Mariah Mueller
    Associate Registrar, traditional programs
    (317) 955-6052
  • Jennifer Schwartz
    Jennifer Schwartz
    Registrar Executive Director of Enrollment Operations
    (317) 955-6056
  • Livia Scott
    Livia Scott
    Associate Registrar, graduate and professional programs
    (317) 955-6337
  • Hanna Varys
    Hanna Varys
    Director of Registration and Records
    (317) 955-6055
  • Jennifer Whitson
    Jennifer Whitson
    Assistant Registrar, College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM)
    (317) 955-6679

Media Center (visit media center)

Assistance with your communication needs.
Location: Clare Hall, lower level

Writing Center (visit writing center)

Assistance with developing writing skills, editing, revisions
Location: Library

  • Diane Friedman 
    Diane Friedman, M.A.
    Senior Lab Instructor
    (317) 955-6244

Unity Center (visit Unity Center)

We welcome all students, faculty, staff, and Marian community members, while specifically supporting and celebrating marginalized communities.
Location: Clare Hall, First Floor

  • headshot
    Angelica Smith
    Unity Center Director 
    (317) 955-6744

21st Century Scholars (visit 21st Century Scholars)

Assistance with 21st Century Scholar needs, including scholarship eligibility, academic support, and student success.
Location: Clare Hall, First Floor

  • Kalyn-Miller
    Kalyn Rudow
    Executive Director of the 21st Century Scholars Program and Inclusive Leadership
    (317) 955-6330
    Clare Hall, First Floor
  • Rolanda
    Rolanda Hardin
    21st Century Scholars Program
    (317) 955-6383
    Clare Hall, First Floor

Business Office (visit business office)

Assistance with student account management, account balances, payment plans, check cashing
Location: Marian Hall 103

  • Julie-Brinegar
    Julie Brinegar
    Assistant Director of Business Services
    (317) 955-6020
    Marian Hall
  • Selena Martinez
    Selena Martinez
    Business Office Generalist
    (317) 955-6020
  • alice-shelton
    Alice Shelton
    Director of Business Services
    (317) 955-6020
    Marian Hall

Financial Aid (visit financial aid)

Assistance with scholarships, grants, FAFSA, federal loans, private loans, financial counseling
Location: Marian Hall 119

  • Ebony Frizzle
    Ebony Frizzle
    Associate Director of Financial Aid 
  • Kristin Hand
    Kristin Hand, MBA
    Office of Financial Aid      
  • Joanie Schmidt
    Joanie Schmidt
    Student Finance Specialist
  • buffy
    Buffy Lutzke
    Administrative Assistant

Work Study, Student Employment, Internships, and Career Services (visit The Exchange)

Assistance with job search, application, resume writing, career exploration 
Location: Library

  • Brandy_F22
    Brandy Bast, M.A.Ed.
    Director of Workforce Development
    (317) 955-6737
  • Bri_Staff_Photo
    Briannah Bieghler '17
    Director of Internships & Assessment
    (317) 955-6338 
  • JMorris
    Jenny Morris, M.S.Ed. '05
    Executive Director
    (317) 955-6185    

Campus Ministry (visit campus ministry)

Assistance with spiritual growth, faith exploration, community faith information, community service, Catholic practices, retreats
Contact: or
Location: Oldenburg Hall, first floor.

  • Adam Setmeyer
    Adam Setmeyer
    Vice President of Mission and Ministry
    Director of Campus Ministry
    (317) 955-6131
    Oldenburg Hall, Room 121

Campus Safety and Police Services (visit campus safety and police services)

Assistance with student IDs, parking passes, escorts, vehicle lock outs, jump starts, police reports, emergency notification, lost and found, bicycle rental, bicycle registration
Location: Ruth Lilly Student Center, first floor

  • headshot
    Gustavia Dodson
  • headshot
    Henry House
  • Greg Hunter
    Greg Hunter
  • headshot
    Tony McQueen
  • Robert Richardson
    Robert Richardson
  • Craig Wildey
    Craig Wildey

Counseling Services (visit counseling services)

Assistance with confidential one-on-one personal counseling, group counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, career exploration and counseling
Location: Clare Hall, first floor, in Counseling and Consultation Services

  • headshot
    Andrew Brown, M.S.
    Staff Counselor
  • headshot
    Rose Herndier, Psy.D., HSPP
    Staff Psychologist
    (317) 955-6150
  • Keirsten Roath
    Keirsten Roath, MSW, LCSW
    Staff Counselor
    (317) 955-6150
  • Marla Smith
    Marla Smith, Ph.D., HSPP
    Director of Counseling Services
    (317) 955-6150

Dining Services (visit dining services)

Assistance with meal plans, dining dollars, special dietary concerns/needs
Location: Clare Hall 121

  • headshot
    Brandi Bullard
    Catering Director
    (317) 955-6342
  • headshot
    Kelsi Hayes
    Retail Director
    (317) 955-6452
  • headshot
    Scott Jayne
    Food Service Director
    (317) 955-6343
  • headshot
    Tony Wilson
    Residential Dining Director
    (317) 955-6344

Health and Wellness Services(visit health and wellness services)

Assistance with diagnosis and management of common health ailments, physical exams, vaccines, fulfilling requirements for health majors, prescribing medications, allergy injections and lab tests.

Contact: for Marian University, Indianapolis or for Marian University Ancilla College.

Location: Clare Hall 126

  • Chase Keirn

    Chase Keirn
    Health Center Director
    Physician Assistant
    (317) 955-6154

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Residential and Commuter Life (visit residential and commuter life)

Assistance: on campus housing info, housing contracts, room assignments, roommate mediation
Location: Clare Hall

  • Austin Dwenger
    Austin Dwenger
    Area Coordinator - Caito-Wagner Hall and Doyle Hall
    (317) 955-6690
  • maddie-geisse
    Maddie Geisse
    Assistant Director - Residential and Commuter Life
    Contact for The Overlook
    (317) 955-6405
  • BrooklynneOgden
    Brooklynne Ogden
    Area Coordinator - University Hall, Drew Hall, Clare Hall, and Campus Houses
    (317) 955-6609
  • Robin Spearin
    Robin Spearin
    Student Affairs Specialist
    (317) 955-6318

Center for Teaching and Learning (visit Center for Teaching and Learning)

Assistance with software (tutorials), digital media production and training, Canvas support
Location: Library

  • Mary Clifford
    Mary Clifford
    Lead Instructional Designer
    (317) 955-6682
    Hackelmeier Memorial Library, 2nd Floor
    Schedule a Meeting

    Areas of Expertise:
    Lesson Design
    Topic Collaboration
    Course Structure
  • Mona Kheiry
    Mona Kheiry, M.S.Ed
    (317) 955-6193
    Hackelmeier Memorial Library, 2nd Floor
    Schedule a Meeting

    Areas of Expertise:
    Course Design
    Instructional Support
    Teaching Online
  • Greg Lutz
    Greg Lutz
    Health Professions and Instructional Technology Librarian
    (574) 936-8898 Ext. 324
    Ancilla College, Room 204C
    Schedule a Meeting

    Areas of Expertise:


Personalized Learning Center (visit PLC)

Assistance with disability related accommodations within the academic space and university housing, as well as resource for faculty, staff and students regarding disability and accessibility on campus.

Location: Clare Hall, 109

  • headshot
    Amanda Bell, Ph.D.
    Assistant Director
    Clare Hall, Room 109B 
  • headshot
    Shelby Willhoite
    Testing Coordinator
    Clare Hall, Room 109B

Help Desk (visit help desk)

Assistance with wireless access, smart phone and iPad, set up, email issues, MUHUB, computer labs, printing, general technology questions
Location: Marian Hall 301

  • Terry DeBruhl
    Terry DeBruhl
    Help Desk Manager
    (317) 955-6365
  • Ray Stanley
    Ray Stanley
    Vice President, Chief Information Officer

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